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Masjid An-Nur

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Founded in 2008 to benefit a multicultural and diverse community - providing education, support, events and activities to promoting society integration


Our school encourages Muslims and non-Muslims alike, regardless of ethnic background, to study Islam and it's teaching in a safe, engaging environment.


We aim to promote a better understating of Islam and tackle the misconceptions about Islam in the media and public realm

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide education to all Muslims and non-Muslims, regardless of their ethnicity, with special attention to the needs of Muslim children and women

  • To bring together people from all backgrounds and ethnic origins whist recognising and embracing their cultural differences

  • To tackle misconceptions about Islam in the media and public realm and promote a better understanding of Islam

  • To promote social cohesion and integration of minorities into the society and attempt to counteract racial and religious prejudice, whenever found

  • Any other activities, which will benefit the community or assist the charity in achieving its objectives

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WICC can only function with help from the community, donations are always welcome.


Volunteers are necessary in any charity. Please get in touch with us if you would like to help out in anyway.

For local prayer times we recommend using the 'MuslimPro' app and set location to automatic 

WICC follows prayer times set location 'Trowbridge' due to our facility location

(Prayer times may vary depending on location)

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