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Making A Difference


  • To provide education to all Muslims (and non-Muslims), regardless of their ethnicity, with special attention to the needs of Muslim children and women.

  • To bring together people from all backgrounds and ethnic origins whist recognising and embracing their cultural differences.

  • To tackle misconceptions about Islam in the media and public realm and promote a better understanding of Islam.

  • To promote social cohesion and integration of minorities into the society and attempt to counteract racial and religious prejudice, whenever found.

  • Any other activities, which will benefit the community or assist the charity in achieving its objectives

Founded in 2008, WICC founders felt a missing opportunity to formally teach children about Islam and how to read the Quran. Since then WICC have set up a Sunday school and provided children with a safe space to learn Islamic studies, Quranic reading and memorisation. With the success of the school, WICC wanted to provide fun and engaging actives for children, by organising a weekly youth club, offering trips throughout the year, as well organising yearly festive events. WICC has had it's fair share of ups and downs but continues strive for improvement and growth. 


Olen Sakkeer Ahmed

Mohammed Miri

Ridzuan Kunji Koya

Shazuli Iqbal

Ruhul Sikdar


As well as our seasonal community events, WICC have held talks and events from a variety of speakers, artists and professional people, such as Mutah Beale (Napoleon of Tupac's Outlawz), Ajmal Masroor and many others, specialising in matters that directly affect the community or encourage us to come together.


Islamic outreach is an important aspect of WICC’s work, building good relations with non-Muslims in the community, running workshops in schools to teach the bases of Islam, encouraging understanding and integration.


WICC are proud to have organised trips for the communities youths, from such things as Thorpe Park, Go Ape, Go Karting, KidZania and many more.

Upcoming Events

See what's happening at WICC in the near future - Come and get involved! Alternatively if you would like to volunteer your time, ideas or money for a future event you wish to see or be apart of, please get in touch!

WICC LOGO High.jpg
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